To record your tests, you need to either download and install the Userbrain Chrome extension for Desktop computers, or the Userbrain iOS App for Smartphones.

How to install the Userbrain Chrome extension on Mac/PC

1. Open the Userbrain Chrome extension link in your Google Chrome browser.

2. Click the Add to Chrome button.


One of the tips that we give our testers, who are facing troubles with recording a high-quality test, is to update their Chrome version. How to do it? 

Just go to  chrome://help/  in your browser and update it.

Reinstalling the screen recording software might be the best thing to do if you have experienced issues with it. Below you can see instructions how to do it on Mac/PC.


How to record your first test with the Chrome extension

  1. Open the extension by clicking on the green U icon in your taskbar.
  2. Enter your personal Userbrain code. (You can find it on your dashboard)
  3. Wait until the extension has finished initialising (this can take up to a couple of minutes)


If you have multiple monitors, make sure you:

1. Click on the 'Select screen' button.

2. Chose the desired screen and click on the 'Share' button.



How to uninstall the Chrome extension

1. Right click on the Userbrain extension icon.

2. Click on the Remove from Chrome option.